Center Services

Alternative Parenting helps every applicant to find out whether they are up

for being parents. Alternative Parenting offers a unique setting for getting to know like-minded people wishing to have shared parenthood. The Association stays with the prospective parents every step of the way – from the very decision to become parents, through the drafting of a partnership contract, to parenting itself and the arrival of the newborn to the family unit.


-The “Train” Group – A discussion and support group and a venue for meeting other association members.

The group meets every two weeks.

The group goals:

Knowing the members of the center.

Discuss questions and feelings concerning the connection with the center.

An opportunity to deepen into the idea of becoming a parent and how to fulfill this will.


– Individual and couple counseling (as well as for the undecided)


– Information about medial and legal services, and other organizations with similar  interests in mind.


– Professional and supportive setting for the extended family unit after the child is born.


Members of the group can enjoy the  support from parents who went through the process, as well as participate in activities designed by the center.

In addition we will help you with finding professionals, such as: lawyers, doctors, therapists and so on.